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One of A Kind

Robin's Nest workshop features artfully reimagined items and furniture, vintage objects, jewelry, designer attire plus art and antiques

Please visit and enjoy a cup of coffee with Robin


This rocker was dilapidated when it was found by Robin.  She identified it as an object of Eastlake design.  Eastlake was popular in the 1910's, a time when the country was growing and reasonably priced, fashionable items were purchased for the homes of working people.

It seemed a shame to delegate this rocker to the waste heap,  Instead, Robin imagined it serving a new generation of period furniture fans with punchy colors and fabric.

It is an art object for the right home.



Work In Progress

Old and New are not Incompatible

Robin's background as an interior designer compliments her artistic approach in selecting furniture that can make a statement.  Maybe you have a family heirloom that has seen better days, you love it for its history but it doesn't fit with your living style today.  Let us work with you to reimagine how it can be updated to fit into your lifestyle.  Visit our shop to see works in progress and imagine how your treasure can look wonderful.


Robin collects objects with the intent of reimagining them.  Here, a simple wood and mirror curio cabinet gets dressed up in beads and handmade tiles

Our Collection

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